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Name:Bow Thruster

Type: STT170

1. Scope

1.1 Subject content

The technological specifications specify the composition of 17FP bow thruster. The main functions constitute the interface relations, environmental conditions, design and manufacturing, and fundamental requirement of delivery test and acceptance, etc.

1.2 Applicable range

The technological specifications, applying to 17FP bow thruster, are the basis of ordering and acceptance. They are a proportion of the contract and come into effect with it.

1.3 Bureau Veritas

Bureau Veritas (CCS) shall provide certificate for the transverse thrust unit and the electric device.

2. Reference documents

Rules and Regulations for the Classification of Sea-going Steel Ships 2009

CCS 2009

3. Requirement

3.1 Summary

3.1.1 Main function

The main function of this device is to make the power and torque of the motor through the coupling and a pair of speed reducing circular arc bevel gears to the fixed propeller, control the rotation speed and direction of the variable-frequency motor through variable frequency speed regulation, and then make the propeller generate the thrust force towards the portside or the starboard. No matter the degree of thrust force can be adjusted or not, it can raise the mobility and maneuverability at ship navigation.

This device applies to the unrestricted navigation area, the bow thruster cylinder. The grid should be set at the entrance.

3.1.2 Composition of equipment

set of side thrust unit, including standard catheter, propeller, propeller shaft, engaged arc bevel gear, etc.

a) set of couplings

b) set of motor supports

c) gravity oil tank

d) drive motor

e) variable frequency speed regulator

f) set of electric control device (Control point is three)

h) Corrosion-resistant Zinc pieces

3.1.3 Interface/

A. Power supply three phases AC/380V±10%, 50HZ±5%

DC/24V±20%100W (Applied in alarming unit)

B. Cylinder: the axial reinforced rib and the ring-shaped reinforced rib are set on the cylinder. The motor base is welded on the cylinder.

C. Standard length of cylinder: 1045mm.

D. Gravity oil tank: the pipe and the hydraulic oil of the gear box are supplied by the marine company.

E. The gear lubricant is the gear lubricant of moderate ultimate pressure N100, approximately 100L.

3.2 Characteristics

3.2.1 Main technical parameters

Model of thrust device: 17FP/

Diameter of propeller: Φ950mm

Rotation speed of propeller: 607r/min/

Reduction ratio of gear box: 2.44/

The speed of drive motor/

Nominal thrust force: 40KN/

Quantity of blades: 4/

External diameter of cylinder:1000mm

Wall thickness of cylinder: 15mm (The internal wall of the cylinder opposite to the blade terminal is stainless steel composite plate)

3.2.2 Motor: The variable-frequency motor is used in the side thrust ship

Rated voltage of motor: three-phase, AC 380V, 50HZ.

Model: ABB

Standard: IEC/

Mode of installation: Vertical/

Rated power: 315KW/

Working mode: S2-30min/

Insulation grade: F/

Defense grade: IP23/

Cooling mode: Ic411 power supply is supplied by the starter. While the converter is starting to supply power, the fan is also starting to operate. This fan has been installed on the non-driven terminal of the motor by the motor manufacturer, so users don’t need considering problems such as installation.

Power supply of fan: 380V/50HZ/3PH (It is supplied by the starting cabinet to control its switching

Starting mode: Started through variable frequency speed regulation

The starting current increases with the increment on the rotation speed of the motor. The starting impulse current is not available.

The electric condensation-resistant heater and the thermistor monitoring the temperature are available in the motor windings.

Power of the Electric condensation-resistant heater: AC 220V, 200W

3.2.3 Starter of the drive motor

Starting mode: Started through variable frequency speed regulation

Internal wiring: Flame retardant, low-smoke, halogen-free and low-toxicity marine wire is selected.

Defense grade: IP23

The terminal connected by the in-out cable of the equipment is sealed by the heat shrinkable tube (The heat shrinkable tube used in the incoming wire of the marine company is supplied by the equipment plant)

Installation environment requirement for the starter

Environment temperature: -28ºC—+45ºC

Relative humidity: 90%/

The starter can output one non-source normally opened signal (closed at operation) to the starter of the starter in the thrust cabin. The signal is used to automatically start the fan in the thrust cabin.

3.2.4 Propeller

Blade dia.: Φ950mm

Number of blade Z4

Blade material: nickel-aluminum bronze, Cu3

Provide CCS certificate

3.2.5 Barrel body

Material: the basis material adopts the Class B marine steel plate

Yield point ≥265N/mm2

The rotating part of blade adopts 2mm thickness stainless layer material and the trademark No. is oCr18Ni12M02Ti

Bore diameter: Φ970mm

Wall thickness: 15mm/

Length of standard barrel: 1045mm/

Anti-corrosive zinc block: Weld the inside wall of gear box body and barrel body with anti-corrosive zinc block, the term of protection is 5 years.

The processing outer ring of barrel not allow to weld, the connecting of barrel should weld with reinforce vertical muscle panel and ring stiffener, (the stiffener drawing should be decided by shipyard.)

Provide CCS certificate

3.2.6 Gravity tank

Capacity: 45 litre

Mounting height of gravity tank: 1.3H 1.4H(the distance between center of propeller and overloading water level is H), above the water-line not less than 2m.

Equip a liquid level relay for low gravity tank liquid level alarm.

3.2.7 Electric control device Basic composition of electric control system

aSide thrust operation panel of Navigation bridge: Include the following parts: Side thrust control mechanism

Side thrust El-motor speed indication gauge (with lighting)

Side thrust El-motor indication gauge (with lighting)

Power supply start button of frequency converter (with lamp)

Power supply stop button of frequency converter

Side thrust El-motor start button (with indicator light)

Side thrust El-motor stop button


Alarm lamp for low gravity oil level

Alarm lamp for high el-motor temperature

Alarm lamp for control source failure

Test lamp button

Overloading enquire button

Electrical machinery over load

Noise elimination button The fundamental functions of the electric control system mainly include the following:

a) The operators can start and stop the frequency control side thrust motor on Navigation Bridge and shipboard.

b) Control the thrust direction and size of side thruster by use the steering handle on Navigation Bridge and shipboard.

c) Monitoring the temperature rise of the side thruster motor and supply the electric motor high temperature alarm.

d) Supply gravity oil level and control source failure alarm to side thrust control system. Detection& alarm
Name of detection point/
Alarm position
Display place
Low gravity oil level/
190±15mmaway subface
Navigation bridge /
High temp. of side thrust motor
About 155ºC/155ºC
Navigation bridge/
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